EuroTech’s new Operations and Finance Director Trent Beeby discusses his role in the company, his impact on its future, and what lead him to accept the position.

Tell us a little bit about yourself, what brought you here (to Dubai)? I grew up near Queenstown, on the beautiful South Island of New Zealand. I have always had an interest in business management and knew that to access the best companies and challenges I would need to seek out bigger fast-moving cities. I’ve lived in Christchurch, Auckland, Minneapolis, London, and now Dubai.

What was your motivation for taking this role? EuroTech is a great business with an incredibly talented staff and a superb reputation. The business has grown organically since its inception 13 years ago, and as we continue to grow I want to use my experience to advance our ability to deliver successful AV & IT projects.

What does an operations director do in a company? Expand on your new role. An Operations Director is responsible for ensuring that a business delivers its products & services to the best of its ability, exceeding customer expectations and ensuring that all risks are considered on our journey from A to B. That means I have input on what we do, how and when we do it, and who is involved. Most importantly, it involves working hard to facilitate excellent relationships and processes, ensuring that the people who work for EuroTech are allowed to carry out their work most effectively and constructively.

You’re the director for both operations and finance, how do those areas intersect? Sound financial management is the foundation for all aspects of operations. Ensuring that there are suitable financial structures in place not only protects the business from financial and compliance risks but also allows us to make decisions around everything from company growth to improvement projects.

Is your job made easier or harder having both these teams under your purview? I would say that my job is made more effective by having oversight of both Operations and Finance, rather than easier/harder. The two disciplines are so intertwined in a business like Eurotech, that having the full picture enables me to make decisions and act on those on time.

How do you hope to affect the company’s future in your new position? I hope to have a positive impact on how we carry out our work, and how rewarding it is for our team, customers, and shareholders.

What does this role mean for you? I’m excited about my role as Operations and Finance Director because it is a chance for me to put into practice the lessons I have learned throughout my career. Now that I am starting to get to know the rest of the EuroTech team, I’m glad to have joined such a thriving and happy company.

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