For years, EuroTech has been consistently delivering a multitude of projects to renowned brands. Our specialization spans across various disciplines, allowing us to offer comprehensive assistance in all the areas listed ahead or a portion thereof. Our expertise extends to accommodate diverse project requirements. With a proven track record of excellence, EuroTech is committed to providing top-notch services to ensure client satisfaction.



Structured cabling serves as the foundation for most modern offices, and when implemented effectively, it ensures smooth operations for years to come. At EuroTech, we offer comprehensive solutions in this area, including securing up to a 25-year warranty on most equipment. Our expert team conducts in-house Fluke Testing, ensuring top-notch performance. Furthermore, all cables are meticulously marked and labeled for easy maintenance, and our team possesses extensive experience across a wide range of commercial projects. Our scope of services encompasses SCS design, procurement, cable pulling, termination, patching, dressing, labeling, Fluke Testing, and ongoing support as needed. EuroTech's cable management and addressing adhere to the highest standards, reflecting our commitment to excellence in every aspect of our work.


Most of our clients have a dedicated IT team to take care of network design. In such cases, EuroTech's role would be limited to receiving IT hardware, racking, stacking, patching, and labeling, as well as ISP fiber pulling (depending on the building agreement/ISP termination). Once connected to the ISP, we hand the room over to the client for configuration. However, we are fully capable of consulting and designing IT networks in-house. We have distribution channel relationships with Cisco, Extreme Networks, HP, Fortinet, Huawei, and many more brands, as well as Ekahau subscriptions for in-house heat mapping. We offer a turnkey solution from design to procurement and ongoing support. If the client has a detailed network design in place, we can simply provide a commercial proposal for the procurement of the same.


Based on the client's specific power supply needs, EuroTech collaborates with the project team to design, procure, and install UPS systems.



CCTV and access control play a crucial role in any office build, and we possess years of experience in both of these fields. We collaborate with facility teams and project delivery teams to ensure compliance with the client's global standards, or alternatively, we provide consultation to offer purpose-built solutions. Our range of offerings includes NVR backup solutions, cloud-based solutions, time and attendance tracking options, and various entry methods such as card/fingerprint, facial recognition, and smartphone entry. Additionally, we have extensive experience working with a wide range of brands including HID, Samsung, Verkada, Cisco Meraki, AVA, Feenics, ZKteco, Suprema, Avigilon, Axis, and many others.



We deliver business-class AV solutions for a variety of project types, whether it be an office, a meeting room, a villa, an educational facility, or an experience center. We have the ability to design an in-house system that meets the specific needs of each project team. Our range of services include video conferencing systems, digital signage, immersive AV experiences, LED displays, and town hall presentation systems. Regardless of the chosen communication platform, EuroTech can design complex integrated meeting room communication systems or provide a simple and cost-effective BYOD 'one size fits all' approach. We offer a wide variety of options and brands, and our team possesses a multitude of certifications. Moreover, we have a proven track record of successfully completing projects, with references available upon request.