EuroTech is the leading provider of complete IT services and solutions in the Gulf. Clients across the Middle East looking for professional, reliable and effective IT solutions, technology management and maintenance turn to EuroTech as a one-stop shop.

You Can Rely On EuroTech

Every day, companies put their reputation in our hands. Every day, we ensure effective, seamless business transactions take place, thanks to our IT expertise. We are the backbone of business in the Middle East region. EuroTech’s enviable track record of expertise, professionalism, on-time delivery, reliability and vendor agnosticism bring some of the world’s biggest companies to our door. But irrespective of their size, scale, and nature, EuroTech’s highly specialized IT services are available for all.

We keep one step ahead of business technology, enabling you to take advantage of ICT without having to worry. We keep pace with technological advancement, so you don’t have to. Our professional staff can help you conceive, plan and implement appropriate, cost effective and reliable technology solutions with minimum disruption. With a decade of local market experience, we understand the region, and help companies every day make a smooth transition from traditional work models to modern, cutting-edge practices.

IT service features that make EuroTech different

IT Maintenance

EuroTech is the difference between survival of the fittest, and survival.

Most businesses can survive, fighting fire, planning for next year and worrying about the bottom line. But bring EuroTech on board, and we ensure you have the best possible, most comprehensive and advanced technological framework in place. We help modern technology keep you a step ahead of the competition. It’s time to thrive, not simply survive.

And when you’re thriving, you need to ensure your IT structure is 100% reliable. We appreciate there’s no room for downtime. No room for error. Your state-of-the-art IT infrastructure needs state-of-the-art care. Let EuroTech handle the IT, you handle the business. A partnership made to last.

Talk to us today about taking your business IT functionality to the next level.

Server Support
And Maintenance

Servers – the heart of the matter

You might go for a health check once a year. You must get your car checked at least once a year. But a business server, as you well know, must run perfectly 24/7/365. There’s no checking your server health once a year. This is the heart of your business, and we provide the life support. These supercomputers need regular updates, cleaning, checking, and fixing.

So why settle for a reactive maintenance programme? Ask EuroTech for our support, and we offer unrivalled close attention to your server. We keep an eye on your servers while you keep an eye on your business. Our support levels are adjusted to meet your needs, whether you are a small firm with a single server, or operate using a server farm.

Every time you open a door, you don’t consider how the lock works. Likewise, every time you access your server, we don’t expect you to worry about how it works. Leave that to us. EuroTech is the oil. EuroTech is the guardian. EuroTech is your server’s best friend.

Expect regular routine, planned maintenance; security checks and updates, optimal performance sweeps, and regular back-ups if and as-required. Simply put, expect peace of mind.

Small Business

EuroTech knows small is beautiful

Unless you are in the technology business yourself, it’s unlikely that as a small business you will be making full use of all-encompassing (read: expensive) state-of-the-art technologies. But to keep up with the fast pace of modern business, you must embrace appropriate technologies which will help the day-to-day running of your business.

There will more than likely be solutions or services out there you won’t have heard of, that could make your business life much easier.

We can advise, plan and support your IT requirements. There’s no hard sell, no push for a particular service, solution or vendor, we simply listen to your business requirements and create an appropriate solution. Whether it’s connecting a new printer or creating an international computer network, we can help.

EuroTech, as a small enterprise itself, appreciates budget concerns, and the time constraints on technology implementation. We strive to ensure seamless introduction of new technology, with minimum fuss and cost. We work especially hard to ensure your business is enhanced by our solutions.

Outsource your IT functions to EuroTech for a worry-free, cost-effective holistic IT solution. After all, you should be out there making deals, not trying to make a printer work, right?

Call Out
IT Support

Maximise your resources on the issues that matter

Optimal use of resources is key to small business success. EuroTech has created a Call Out IT Support Service, so you have complete access to our full expertise only where and when it is needed. Designed specifically with small to medium enterprises in mind – the most prevalent business size in the UAE – our call out support brings access to a full range of technical IT services.

Your system’s down. Perhaps you’ve been hacked. The network isn’t working. Whatever the issue, keep the EuroTech call out IT support service on your side, and we will be there rapidly. Expect your IT issues to be resolved without fuss, efficiently, effectively and with market-leading value for money.

We eliminate the need for a full-time in-house IT department. Internal in-house IT staff costs are minimised or non-existent, as are equipment maintenance costs.

Remember, using the EuroTech Call Out IT Support service also provides you with complete flexibility and control. Our support goes beyond a quick fix, patch or repair. We can assist you in ensuring optimal use, allocation, and management of resources – ultimately helping your bottom line.

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