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See and hear the difference with EuroTech’s breathtaking, user-friendly audio-visual solutions.

First impressions last, and with a EuroTech designed and implemented audio-visual solution, you’ll make a real impact. Wow customers with state-of-the-art, first-to-market solutions, or simply upgrade outdated technology.

Whatever your needs, EuroTech’s AV division specialises in providing professional and customised fit-out and AV solutions across a variety of settings.

From designing a bespoke solution, infrastructure to cabling and arranging resources, we take care of everything. The end result will be ultra-modern working spaces, thoughtfully created with client and staff comfort in mind, paying heed to the latest thought-leadership on ergonomics.

EuroTech provides audio-visual solutions that make business work

Most companies in the AV space simply arrange resources and install apparatus. EuroTech is setting a new benchmark in audio-visual solutions for the region’s corporate world, with an all-embracing approach to ensuring your AV solution is perfect for your needs. Our hand-holding, cradle-to-grave approach means you won’t be left with solutions that don’t work for you.

We understand audio-visual. We live and breathe technology. EuroTech will spend time with you understanding exactly what you need, and draft a complete plan for the prefect solution – whether it’s a complete office solution (new or existing) or adding new solutions to an existing boardroom, for example. A dedicated project manager will oversee the technology deployment phase, and when your systems are in place, we will then get everything up and running, install and test the latest software and even ensure furniture integration.

Meeting spaces and boardrooms are crucial spaces, and EuroTech ensures you create a slick, smooth and sophisticated impression. Yes, our advanced solutions are designed to impress, but also provide seamless user experience. From conference room glass that tints at the touch of a button and IP telephony, to lighting effects and projectors offering ultra-clarity, we help turn your office into a true 21st century business hub.


EuroTech delivers the performance and reliability you need

Your business needs 100% uptime, rock-solid reliability, redundancy and flexibility.

A well-designed and installed structured cabling system delivers all of this – and future-proofs your network, too. Call on EuroTech to design a cabling network which delivers predictable performance, the flexibility to accommodate moves, adds and changes, and maximizes system availability.

What does a structured cabling system do for your business, in practical terms? It’s faster, simply put. Your network will be quicker, changes to the physical (cabling) network are faster – meaning less downtime, there’s far less room for (human) error in adjusting cabling, and don’t forget the aesthetics – who wants a pile of tangled cables greeting office visitors?

Our structured cabling solutions begin with a comprehensive design phase, in close co-operation with you. We pay heed to the unique factors which influence your infrastructure. Once a plan is formed, and agreed, installation commences, with a dedicated and experienced project manager overseeing everything.

Whether it’s a new office, or an upgrade to your existing system, talk to us today about our structured cabling solutions.

Access Control

EuroTech’s ultimate aim is to help digitalise business in the UAE, enabling companies to make optimal use of the latest technology for smooth and efficient business operations. As part of this aim, we offer a highly specialized access control system that brings enhanced security and staff monitoring solutions with state-of-the-art simplicity.

Access control provides more control over business operations and employee management. Don’t forget such systems help protect your digital assets as well as the physical environment. EuroTech’s highly skilled team will visit your premises, assess what’s required and ensure environment-appropriate installation. A EuroTech access control solution brings immediate benefits in terms of improving security.

Entrance control means you can easily assess employee movements, and only allow access to certain individuals to certain areas of your premises. Access control from EuroTech improves efficiency, staff management and employee safety, excluding unauthorised persons from your premises.


EuroTech brings peace of mind 24/7/365

Today, your business security is considered incomplete without a closed-circuit television camera (CCTV) system installed. EuroTech brings market-leading experience in the installation of cameras and monitoring systems, adding an extra layer of security to your business – and peace of mind around the clock.

Connection to a central monitoring suite – which can be remote – means you have permanent access to security footage. EuroTech can enable systems so you can see live footage from any device – such as your laptop, mobile phone or tablet.

EuroTech will impartially assess your premises and where cameras should be placed for best coverage. A design plan will then be approved, and installation overseen by our experts. Software for monitoring will be installed and updated as appropriate.

EuroTech’s CCTV systems help you maintain complete security – of both the exterior and interior of your premises. Enjoy complete peace of mind thanks to CCTV and EuroTech’s advanced solutions.

Audio Visual Solutions

Eurotech’s obsession with audio visual means you can benefit from our vast knowledge and understanding of everything related to sound and vision. We deal with the world’s leading AV companies, but ensure you get what you require, not what we think you require. Talk to us about our conference solutions, our projection concepts, our LED TV walls and our automation systems. We can design a suitable solution for you from the ground-up, or replace an outdated system. Eurotech can follow a brief or design, based on fulfilling your needs. We ensure high quality, reliable systems, with beautiful aesthetics and user-friendly functionality. Your AV solutions should be seamlessly integrated with your office and your staff’s needs, while looking sophisticated and impressing your clients.

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